Every time we make eye contact, we are experiencing a holy encounter. . .

What a glorious opportunity we have to shift the universe just a tiny bit if we look into the eyes of the many people we see for just one day, offering them a smile or a nod of the head.  This simple acknowledgment lets them know they have been seen; that they are not invisible beings with no connection to the world around them.

Too many people live lives of quiet desperation, knowing little more than isolation, but we can be the connecting rod that lets them know they matter.  To us.  People have honored us in this way.  It’s our turn to pass it on, to “pay it forward,” so to speak.  And if we remember that the people who cross our path have been divinely appointed to do so, it makes the encounter even more meaningful.

Thinking of the smile or the nod of the head as “passing on a gift from the God of our understanding,” gives it a special quality too.  Life could be so much better for millions, even billions of us, if we practiced what Mother Teresa has suggested: “Be kind to every one and start with the person standing next to you.”  If only this could happen.  If only. . .  But we can be the change agents.  I have committed to it.  Will you?  The pay off is that I feel like a better human being.  Not a bad return on a tiny investment.


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