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Gratitude is a mind changer. . . Acceptance is the pathway.

I am feeling so very grateful presently because a very dear friend got a good report from her doctor this morning.  We all love her so much and have been walking through this illness with her, as much as we can, but you can never quite prepare yourself for the […]

By June 8, 2010 6 comments Karen's Musings

My gratitude is overflowing. . .

I woke up this morning so happy to be alive and so grateful that I have been given, through my books and personal interactions at workshops and lectures, millions of opportunities to connect with all of you.  In 1974 when I first entered a 12 Step room in Minneapolis, MN, […]

Deciding to be grateful can change the tenor of every moment. . .

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day but I feel a strong sense of gratitude every day of my life.  I have recently started another 4th Step inventory, recalling fond memories from my childhood.  The less fond ones don’t need my attention any more.  But I do think each memory, those painful ones […]