Reflections in the Mirror – You and Yourself

Getting unstuck, an idea that calls to many. . .

Getting Unstuck is the title of one of my newest books.  It’s a book that called to me.  Actually, I’d have to say that every book I have written, all 27 of them, called to me; but this one felt like the icing on the cake of how to live […]

Aging. . .

I turned 74 last week. Yikes!!  I have been sober exactly half my age.  And I can’t begin to account for all that has happened on my journey of 74 years.  I can assure you much of it wasn’t according to my plan!  And how lucky I am that my […]

We are always making a choice. Always.

To react or not, that’s the choice when someone is getting under our skin. Angrily or disgustedly reacting rather than making a conscious choice to act when in the company of a person who is either getting under our skin, dismissing us all together, or being rude or mean-spirited is […]

Detachment is the key to release from the chaos of others’ lives.

If we fail to detach from a person who is always in turmoil, we’re likely to blame them for our unhappiness. Allowing the irresponsible behavior or insane turmoil surrounding some one else to become the focus of how we are feeling in the moment is a terrible set-up for a […]

Keep it simple.

I well remember when I first saw the slogan: keep it simple.  I couldn’t fathom what it actually meant.  My life was complicated.  And for good reason it was complicated.  I was in graduate school at the time and teaching at the University of Minnesota.  I was in and out […]

Having the willingness. . .

Nothing changes in our lives unless we have the willingness to make another choice about how we see a situation or a person whom we have encountered.   Perspective it’s called.  And that makes all the difference regarding what kind of day we will experience.  The good news is that […]

What’s moodiness an indication of?

There are no doubt many answers to this question, but I know my moodiness is generally due to one of two things: I am either tired or I am afraid about something.  Both reasons are easily addressed I think.  Being tired requires getting more rest.  The solution is obvious.  Being […]

What step are you working today?

At a recent meeting a woman suggested the above question as a topic for discussion.  Not once in 37 years had I heard this suggestion as a topic.  I was immediately intrigued.  Actually, it stopped me in my tracks because it dawned on me that I had not been thinking […]

Acceptance is the key to Peace. . .

To be at peace is my goal.  It’s my intention.  I’ve even decided to adopt it as my mission statement.  I WANT TO LIVE AN INTENTIONALLY PEACEFUL LIFE WHICH REQUIRES THAT I OFFER THE HAND OF PEACE TO MY FELLOW TRAVELERS.  I was with some women at lunch today and […]

Respecting the boundaries between us and our fellow-travelers is another name for “freedom.”

Attachment to people deadlocks our growth.  Those women and men on our journey are blessings, for sure.  Every one of them.  Even those people who seem to be difficult to be around.  It’s been said by the really wise that the more difficult an encounter, the greater the lesson and […]