Reflections in the Mirror – You and Yourself

One’s path is divine. . .

I wouldn’t have agreed with this idea prior to recovery.  I wasn’t “a believer.”  Random acts ruled, as far as I was concerned.  I don’t remember any more when I began to shift my perspective.  Perhaps I had grown ready for the change in thinking when I came into Al-Anon […]

Having faith is the key to peace of mind.

I didn’t grow up in a “faith-filled” home.  I never observed any one at 827 being quietly peaceful, trusting that the experiences we were sharing would work out OK.  The days and nights were generally very tense, undergirded with the expectation that an outburst over something, large or small, imagined […]

The journey is perfect, the stumbles as well as the strides.

I don’t know about you but I have stumbled many times getting to where I am now.  I began stumbling, literally, when I took my first drink at 13.  Hiding behind the garage at an outdoor family gathering, I gulped down my whiskey and coke before any one could notice […]

Breathe. Pause. Breathe. Pause. Breathe. . .

The gift of a somewhat retired life is having the time to fully appreciate the power of now, the power of nothingness. Which is, of course, the power of everythingness. This is a space I’m growing into in these days and weeks, hopefully months and years too, since turning 74. […]

I can choose peace instead of this. . .

I’ve mentioned in other posts how important A Course in Miracles has been to my spiritual development.  Because “the course” complements the twelve steps of AA and Al-Anon, I feel many moments of actual joy nearly every day, a pay-off I had never expected.  These three pathways have grounded me.  […]

Breathe, pause, and breathe again. . .

I am beginning a new book.  As I “see” it now, it will be a book of essays that will drive home to the reader the idea that just because we are moving into a later stage of life, we need not assume that our joys will diminish.  On the […]

Choosing to say nothing is a remarkably freeing choice.

I am very grateful that I eventually learned I didn’t have to respond to every thing that was said.  Or even any thing that was said.  The decision to say nothing, regardless of the inclination to be engaged, was a mere thought away.  I only wish I had learned it […]

Detaching from the whims of others is freedom.

I’d have to say that the first forty years of my life were primarily focused on the actions of those people I walked among.  And I wasn’t even conscious of it.  It was simply who I was.  It was how I had always lived.  What ever you said defined how […]

Balance is the key to serenity.

At an AA meeting this morning the topic of balance was suggested.  I have always felt that my life was pretty well balanced.  I exercise.  I eat well.  I have many friends, a great relationship with my husband, and my work life is very satisfying.  However, I am also exploring […]

This last twenty years has been most compelling and surprisingly exciting.

(In case you have not read the preceding post, I am projecting out twenty years and looking back on what my life was like.) Dear Karen, Your decision to assign participants in a workshop in 2013 to look back on their lives from a future point was fortuitous.  As you […]