Being focused on any one else . . .

Being focused on any one else will prevent us from doing the work we are here to


It’s far too easy to sit in judgment of others, to criticize them silently or audibly.  It has

become important to me to remember that every person alive has a very specific jour-

ney, one that will intersect mine on occasion; sometimes we will be at cross-purposes,

in fact.  But the intersection is where the lesson lies for both people.

Every one’s activities, and we all have a legion of them, are filled with purpose.  And

if we are wondering about the purpose of some one’s else’s activities, we are failing to

appreciate our own purpose.  And maybe our own is not always obvious.  In those in-

stances, I remember the wise words of a good friend, “When in doubt about your

purpose, speak kindly to the next person you see.  That’s fulfilling God’s will in

that moment.” This has never failed to bring me comfort.

Let’s pay attention to the people around us but that doesn’t mean letting their activi-

ties become our primary concern.  We share a path to learn from one another.  But we

aren’t here to judge.  Not ever. Rather, being an expression of love will serve both of us,

all of us, in fact; quite well.


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