Staying the course even when we want to veer to the right. . .

What does staying the course mean?  I have thought about this a lot because of the recovery path I have remained committed to for the past 35 years.  The way I see it, it means continuing with the daily routine that keeps me spiritually grounded even when I want to let it slide for a spell.

I have experienced the results of the “slide” in times past and I don’t like the feelings I’m left with, the ennui, the sense of loss and separation from my Higher Power and the people in my life.  Connection for me is crucial to my well being.  It’s also what propels me to do the work that I do.  One tiny step away from the course that I know has been charted for me and I can falter, if only for a moment or a day.  And I think this is good.  It gets my attention and it keeps me committed to what’s most important in my life.

If staying the course is a struggle for you, perhaps you can try what I do.  Create a routine that isn’t too complicated to begin with.  Maybe it’s a walk or a time of prayer and meditation immediately upon arising, followed by at least a fairly serious nod toward the work you had scheduled for yourself for the day. Making a list of what you will do first and then second is a beginning.  Don’t overload yourself when you are trying to get the routine going.

In my case, I sit at my computer and do at least an hour or two of writing every day, either on a workshop I’m creating or the book currently underway.  Some days I will work many hours; however, letting the day go by without some attention to these matters that are central to my life opens the door to the loss in direction and sense of disconnection that is sure to lead to a display of the defects of character that still live in the recesses of my mind.

I sometimes wonder if I should be admitting these failings so openly but bringing any defect into the light is what helps me commit to letting it go.  I’m far from perfect.  I’m just another bozo on the bus, in fact.  But I do know what makes me tick.  I do know what keeps me peaceful.  I do know and cherish the contentment I receive from the work I do.  And I do know that staying the course is necessary if I want to remain being the woman I feel I have been called to be.

Are you content right now?  Is there a change in your daily routine that would help you find the “course” you want to travel?  Take a moment and ponder this before moving into the busyness of the day.  Okay?


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