Interdependence is the hallmark of a healthy relationship. . .

Interdependence is the hallmark of a healthy relationship.

Getting enmeshed in someone else’s life generally happens when we are feeling in-

secure, and uncertain of ourselves.  We cling to the “object of our affection,” and then

mistakenly think that if we are constantly “in sync,” if we are in agreement on every topic

of discussion, opinion, value and goal; we are meant for each other.  The converse is

the truth, of course.  This kind of dependence is never love.  This kind of dependence is

never a sign of healthy alliance.  In fact, this kind of dependence screams unholy at-

tachment to all onlookers.

Wanting healthy relationships takes a commitment to self exploration and respect for

our partner too.  Knowing who we are and what we really want for ourselves is manda-

tory.  Only then can we be a good partner and stay whole.  Only then can we fulfill the

purpose for which we are here.

Our fellow travelers are present by design.  They are not ours to control, to make

hostages of, to stifle in any way.  Freedom is the right of all of us.


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