Reflections in the Mirror – You and Yourself


Every person you and I travel these roads with have made their trek to us because they need us and what we know as much as we need them for what they can teach us. Iʼve mentioned this idea before no doubt but itʼs one worth further emphasis, I think, because of the […]

Living Long, Living Passionately.

My newest book: LIVING LONG, LIVING PASSIONATELY, 75 (and counting)WAYS TO BRING PEACE AND PURPOSE TO YOUR LIFE, was released Sept 1 by Conari and is available on Amazon and in bookstores.  I am thrilled with it.  I guess I’d have to say that I have been thrilled about every […]

“Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think.”

I’m sure this quote by Buddah isn’t an unfamiliar idea.  Perhaps you didn’t attribute it to him but undoubtedly you have heard an idea similar to this uttered many times over your life.  It’s a popular notion among psychologists and psychiatrists.  Gurus of the self-help movement have relied on it […]

Our need for one another is what heals us. . .

Admitting our vulnerability, dare I say fear and feelings of inadequacy, is what opens the door to our healing.  Of this I am certain.  And yet, we all know folks who simply can’t “go there.”  And each of us has been one of those people in the past.  Maybe the […]

A puppy update . . .

Nellie, our puppy, is getting both cuter and into more stuff as the days go by.  I sure wish I had had children.  I feel in the dark about so much of this training.  Everyone keeps saying it’s like having a baby.  Well, never having had a child is a […]

Gratitude can nurture a good attitude.

I was the moderator for an on-line meeting this morning and the topic was the above statement.  I do know that when I am in a cranky mood, I need to take stock of all the good in my life.  And were I to list it, I’d fill more than […]

A twist on success . . .

I recently read a great quote attributed to Winston Churchill: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” I have yet to meet anyone either “in the rooms,” or outside of them who doesn’t fret about failure.  Somewhere in our past, perhaps at the dinner table […]

Cleaning and sorting . . .

Perhaps this seems like an odd topic for a post, but sorting through the “stuff” of my life has garnered my attention since returning from Naples.  And it feels good.  I think approaching 76 has given me reason to pause.  What more do I need to do?  How do I […]

Settling in . .

The last three weeks have flown by.  That seems to be the case when aging is factored in.  And I have become more aware of aging since my recent trip to Annapolis, MD.  I suppose some of you saw my Facebook post about my excursion and subsequent fall in that […]

Mastering a new tool is life sustaining.

About a month ago i was scheduled to do a women’s retreat in Mount Pocono, PA.  It was a group I had done retreats for a few other times.  I was looking forward to the experience, as is true of every retreat or workshop experience I contract to do. Leading […]