Settling in . .

The last three weeks have flown by.  That seems to be the case when aging is factored in.  And I have become more aware of aging since my recent trip to Annapolis, MD.  I suppose some of you saw my Facebook post about my excursion and subsequent fall in that fair city.  It wasn’t a pretty experience.  I can’t even say it was educational.  Picking up my feet more intentionally would not have saved me from that particular fall.  I wish I could say otherwise.  However, I simply fell forward.  With no warning.  My nose hitting the pavement was my first awareness that something was amiss.

The good news is that I didn’t break any thing.  The bad news is that it happened at all.  Perhaps a mini black out was the cause.  Haven’t seen a neurologist yet so I don’t know what I/they may discover, but I do know that I didn’t trip.  Darn it!  That would have been such a relieving explanation.

We do learn things about ourselves when the unexpected happens, however.  I learned that I’m not as confident as I once was.  I will be more cautious in every way.  These last two mornings since settling back in MN I made sure my husband had his cell close at hand when I went out for my walk.  That never used to even occur to me.  I also went on line to research stationary bikes just before starting this post.  I’m thinking I may choose that as my activity rather than walking, except when the sun and warmth call to me.  Making a change like this isn’t particularly welcome but it makes sense.

That’s what I’m talking about when I say that aging changes us.  For many years I didn’t feel older, regardless of what I was doing.  I never stopped to ask myself, “Is this a good idea?”  Now I’m far more circumspect.  Leaving the house without a cell phone is a no-no.  Going any where without letting someone know is a no-no too.  Can this be the new me?  The woman who eagerly traveled all over the world fearlessly, only a year or two ago?  There is something about turning 75, which I did last summer, that gives you reason to pause.  I wish that weren’t the case, actually.  But better to pause than to take any foolish chance.

This post is not to scare any of you out there who may be contemplating your own aging body.  At least we are still active.  At least we are still curious.  At least we are still interested in making contact with others.  And that’s what this blog and my Facebook posts are proof of.  Life isn’t over until it’s over.  And I know I have lots more interaction ahead of me.  I hope you will be on the receiving end of part of it.

Be well.  Be careful.  Be in constant communication with your Higher Power and all will be well.  All will be well.





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