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Sorting once again …

It seems as though I have struggled more than usual this past year.  It might surprise a lot of you to know that I have to work hard on maintaining a connection to my Higher Power.  It has always been like this.  Even as a child I lived with doubt […]

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A puppy update . . .

Nellie, our puppy, is getting both cuter and into more stuff as the days go by.  I sure wish I had had children.  I feel in the dark about so much of this training.  Everyone keeps saying it’s like having a baby.  Well, never having had a child is a […]

Gratitude can nurture a good attitude.

I was the moderator for an on-line meeting this morning and the topic was the above statement.  I do know that when I am in a cranky mood, I need to take stock of all the good in my life.  And were I to list it, I’d fill more than […]

Just do the next right thing . . .

How many times daily are you faced with a situation where you aren’t sure what the right action or decision is?  No doubt multiple times.  At least I’d have to admit to that in my life. And yet, when I pause, even for a moment, I feel nudged in one […]

A new puppy? Really?

My husband and I bit the bullet.  For years we talked about getting a dog.  Everyone who had a dog said they are wonderful.  And they also said they are a lot of work.  We are finding out what an understatement that is.  Her name is Nellie and she’s a […]

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Another twist on success . . .

After writing the last post I was reminded of all the folks I have known in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous who didn’t meet with “success” on their first attempt at sobriety.  And many of them simply got up, brushed themselves off, and tried all over again.  Failure to stay […]

A twist on success . . .

I recently read a great quote attributed to Winston Churchill: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” I have yet to meet anyone either “in the rooms,” or outside of them who doesn’t fret about failure.  Somewhere in our past, perhaps at the dinner table […]


“Wow!” supposedly was the final utterance of Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder, according to his wife.  Whether that’s true or not, I choose to believe it.  The affirmation that there is something beyond this world, something worthy of a wow, pleases me.  I already believed it but we seldom get a […]

Reviewing the “old tricks.”

A funk had settled over me.  I wasn’t hopping out of bed with much enthusiasm.  The dread of old had settled in.  Again.  For how long this time, I wondered.  This experience isn’t new.  It’s a common theme for me, actually.  Sometimes it feels like I pay more than an […]

How I treat those closest to me needs work. Lots of it.

I am often not who I want to be in the relationship that is the dearest to me.  And it’s a pattern I am struggling to change.  At last night’s AA meeting we discussed “taking it home,” meaning being as kind at home to our loved ones as we are […]

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