What I Believe – You and Your Higher Power

To shift one’s perception is transformative.

I was first introduced to the idea of shifting my perception in the book: A COURSE IN MIRACLES.  The book had no real author, at least there wasn’t a name on the book’s spine.  One of my husband’s sisters gave the set of books (originally there were 3 books in […]

We are “called.” Those who join us are “called” too.

I find such comfort in the idea that we are “here, now,” intentionally.  I love the awareness that whomever I meet, only casually or quite seriously, was sent.  In fact, I had “requested” the meeting at a time and in a space I have long since forgotten about.  My first […]

Embracing acceptance nullifies any troubling experience.

I was at my AA home group this morning.  The topic was acceptance, a frequent choice, it seems.  And what’s unmistakably true is that it’s a necessary choice if we want to experience peace.  At no time in life will we be peaceful if we haven’t cultivated the practice of […]

Having faith is the key to peace of mind.

I didn’t grow up in a “faith-filled” home.  I never observed any one at 827 being quietly peaceful, trusting that the experiences we were sharing would work out OK.  The days and nights were generally very tense, undergirded with the expectation that an outburst over something, large or small, imagined […]

Being hopeful sits “next door” to being successful. . .

Feeling hopeless about a situation in your life makes all forward movement seem impossible.  It’s not an accident that we have people around us who can share our sorrows and express hope for us when our own is depleted.  Our lives are quite intentional, aren’t they?  As has been said […]

Choosing to say nothing is a remarkably freeing choice.

I am very grateful that I eventually learned I didn’t have to respond to every thing that was said.  Or even any thing that was said.  The decision to say nothing, regardless of the inclination to be engaged, was a mere thought away.  I only wish I had learned it […]

The principles for living a gentler life are so obvious. . .

We make our lives far more complicated than they need to be.  Do we think moving through the many phases of our life requires complexity if we want to “show others” how important we are?  That has the ring of truth to it, I think.  But the “actual truth,” as […]

Hopelessness is not a mandatory condition. . .

WE NEVER NEED TO FEEL HOPELESS. ONE’S HIGHER POWER IS ALWAYS PRESENT. There are innumerable personal situations that can cause creeping hopelessness. You have been diagnosed with a terminal illness with only months to live or a parent dies unexpectedly. Maybe your troubled teenager is on the run again and you […]

Believing we have a purpose dispels our fear.

It’s a fact.  Every single one of us has a purpose.  And of course, there is only one of each of us.  Only one!  This means we are quite specifically  completing one tiny part of the whole.  Think of it as a jigsaw puzzle.  No other person can fill the […]

Pause. Breathe. Surrender.

Taking that ever important moment to “step aside,” can make a huge difference in how we perceive the people and the circumstances that surround us.  Over none of them do we have control.  But we do have full control over how we perceive every person and every situation.  And that’s […]