Believing we have a purpose dispels our fear.

It’s a fact.  Every single one of us has a purpose.  And of course, there is only one of each of us.  Only one!  This means we are quite specifically  completing one tiny part of the whole.  Think of it as a jigsaw puzzle.  No other person can fill the “space” assigned to us. No one!  We are fulfilling a role that has been designated as ours alone.  What I am doing will always be a different assignment from yours.  Our work may fall into similar categories but there will be differences.  Important differences and the people who should be affected by what I do will make their appearance, quite on cue.  This will likewise be true for each of you who may be reading this post.

I find this to be a fascinating and very reassuring idea.  It gives me immeasurable hope.  It does dispel fear.  And I am extremely pleased by the knowledge that there is now and always was a plan for my life.  It does make the future exciting to contemplate. Moreover,  it explains the past in the sense that there was a reason for the innumerable experiences that at times seemed unexplainable.  Unimaginable, in fact.  God was always present.  God is always present.  And God will always be present.  We cannot get away from God.  Not for a minute!

Perhaps that’s not an idea you cherish at your core.  Nor did I  some 40 years ago.  God seemed irrelevant to me then.  I didn’t grow up in a religious family.  We seldom went to church.  I don’t think that ever mattered to God.  It really didn’t change the trajectory of my journey either.  I still fulfilled a (His) plan.  I still met who I needed to meet.  I wrote the books God intended for me to write.  And I did each one of them under his constant guidance.

I have always said, and I mean it completely: God is my coauthor.  The events of my life were not ever on my radar screen but they were on His.  How lucky I feel knowing this now.  How lucky each one of us is, in fact.  And the good news is that we do not have to believe in God at all for Him to stand guard over our lives.

There are mornings, in fact there are many times throughout a day, that I momentarily forget who I am and what I am doing here.  My memory doesn’t fail me completely, however.  God will make his presence known.  In some way.  And then I can breathe easier again.  My goodness we are lucky.  Aren’t we?

Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Acknowledge God.  That’s the assignment.  It can’t get any simpler than that.  Can it?



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