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Are you doing the same old thing expecting a different outcome?

The first time I heard that the definition of insanity was repeating the same behavior, over and over again, expecting different results; I knew my name had been called.  I simply had never known I could make an entirely new choice in how I interpreted what others were doing or […]

Moving north. . .

My winter sojourn in Naples, Florida has come to an end.  My husband and I head to Minnesota today, with a stop in Tampa for me to do the Hazelden Womens Healing Conference, a program that Hazelden has been offering in various locations around the country for fifteen years.  It’s […]

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Every gathering can send forth a healing message. . .

I was at a wonderful twelve step meeting Tuesday night.  It’s a closed discussion meeting and whatever the topic, it always elicits great comments and personal exploration; but Tuesday’s meeting was particularly special because a man, likely in his early 50’s, had shown up for his very first meeting.  And […]

Getting back to basics. . .

I just returned from a wonderful week end retreat in Nags Head, North Carolina, with 160 fabulous women.  I led the group through a series of presentations on a journey for creating more hope in our lives.  And true to form, my own level of hope for making the changes, […]