Being able to “detach” is the hallmark of a healthy person.

Detachment is knowing that the mind can change if what you say to the mind, changes.  We simply are not able to hold more than one thought in our minds at a time.  And what ever thought we harbor has been cultivated by none other than ourselves.  That’s both the good and the bad news of our lives.  No one has power over how we think.  Of course, that also means we can blame no one else for what we think!  If we put good thoughts in our minds, we will express good thoughts to others.  The converse is just as powerfully true.

Being consumed with the actions of others, which can so easily happen to any of us, is an excellent opportunity to take charge of our thinking.  Letting some one else be the center of our mind, thus our life, means we don’t have a moment’s peace.  It also means our own life is passing us by.  It’s up to us what we say to ourselves.  It’s up to us how we relate to every moment.  It’s up to us to change our minds so that our lives can be different.  It’s a simple equation: what we think is what we experience.  If we want some thing different, only we can make that happen.

I had spent years letting others be in charge of my thoughts, thus my life.  And I didn’t even know that I was doing it.  Many of us live like that.  Some of us never change.  But being introduced to a new reality, being introduced to the “miracle” of shifting one’s mind to a thought that would please God, for instance, is such a powerful tool that you won’t want to go back to how you were before.  I’m sure of it.  My life is living proof that taking charge of who I really want to be, taking charge of what I really want to do and think about, has turned my life into a pleasantly peaceful journey.  And what I do isn’t even a big deal.  It’s simply getting proactive and making choices that benefit me.  In the process, they are choices that benefit others too.

It’s never too late to become who we really want to be.  Today can be the day to begin.



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