Change is the opportunity to see anew. . .

My husband and I just returned to Naples, Florida for the winter months.  Leaving Minnesota is always bittersweet but then arriving here is delicious.  We have been making this switch in locations since 1991 so we are old-hands at packing up and reclaiming our space here.  What adds to the joy of being here is seeing the friends we have missed and returning to the wonderful meetings that sustain us throughout the winter months.

Having the fellowship, on both ends, actually makes the move easy.  The welcome mat is always out.  But change can still be hard for us, even when it’s a change with so many plusses attached.  I have detected a bit of ennui in myself since arriving Saturday night.  I am quite convinced that it will leave with every hug I experience and every blog I write.

Getting back into the rhythm of what makes my life hopeful and claiming my purpose here, in this location, will blow away any ennui that fluttered around my shoulders for a spell.  What a good life this is.  And how grateful I am for every tiny breath of it.

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