Bickering is counter-productive. Isn't it. . . ?

It matters not which cable channel is your favorite, the hours are generally eaten up by loud bickering, with one side or the other insisting it has the solution to the topic under discussion.  Whether it’s health care, the war in the Middle East, or the economy, few seem to share an opinion that serves all of human kind.

It’s not that disagreement is bad. In fact, the best solution for any problem quite often results from the exchange of ideas, even when expressed heatedly. However, seeking to disagree for the sake of attention or “ratings” or when the well being of others is being forsaken isn’t the purpose for healthy discussion, not in a democracy.

Isn’t it time to take stock of who we are, as a nation; who we want to be in this multicultural world, and how to get to the place that benefits the greatest number of people?

Time may not be running out.  However, it’s never too late for those of us who want to live in a more civil society to make choices for our own behavior, choices that do benefit more than just ourselves.  This isn’t a radical idea.  It’s humane and caring and in keeping with the choices our forefathers made. Wouldn’t you agree?


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