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Rightmindedness is a decision. . .

Perhaps you are wondering what I mean by rightmindedness?  I think of it as the alignment of our mind with the will of God.  Something that I started doing some years ago was asking myself if what I was thinking was what God would want me to think and if […]

Being more hopeful is a daily decision, if hope is lacking in your life . . .

Simple things we can do now to change our perceptions and become more hopeful. 1. Ask God for help. 2. Let go! 3. Surrender to God what ever is demanding your attention. 4. Do one thing to inspire joy in some one else’s life every day!  And make a note […]

Having hope is an inside job that requires practice. . .

Do you want to increase your own hope?  Try these suggestions.  They are guaranteed to work.  Or your money back!! (Get a small notebook that you can carry with you everywhere and be ready to use it) 1. Begin noting how others on your path demonstrate their hope. Do this […]

Mary in the Morning. . . with Heather Daniels

Just wanted to alert you all who are reading this that I will be on the above named show that will stream on the web from 6:30 to 7 AM Eastern time on the 15th.  If you are up that early, tune in.  The show is out of Traverse, […]

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