We are where we're supposed to be. . .

I find great relief in this idea.  I guess it’s because I have had many experiences throughout my early life that made little sense at times.  Simply putting my “unbelief” in the idea aside, as was suggested to me by a woman much wiser than myself a few years ago, opened the door to a whole new way to experience life.  Now I feel great waves of peace just knowing that whom ever I need to meet, I will.  What ever I need to learn will come my way.  That the life tapestry I am weaving is divinely ordained.

Does this seem farfetched to you when you look at your own life?  Far be it from me to insist that any one adopt my ideas as their own; however, it’s an idea that has changed my life in significant ways.  I am a seeker of peace.  In fact, experiencing it has become far more important to me as the years have gone by.  As a result, I have adopted many bits of spiritual philosophy that soften the hard edges of life.   And I don’t think this means I am distorting what is there to be experienced.  Rather it means that I am choosing a “quiet” perspective on the myriad experiences that have claimed my attention.  In this way, I can be assured of a peaceful heart and mind.

When my heart and mind are peaceful, I approach all people more lovingly and since every one who crosses my path has “been invited,” this means I am helping him or her to know greater peace too.

I am convinced there is no greater benefit we can offer the world than to be peace-seekers and then purveyors of the peace we cultivate.


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