Let’s open our hearts. Now.

Our journeys through life are often bumpy, some days very bumpy, but they are always in concert with God.  God is every where we are.  God was every where we ever were.  In the silence.  The moments of angst.  The hours of confusion and doubt.  We simply can’t be where God is not.  Even when we feel alone, we aren’t alone.  Especially when we feel alone, we aren’t alone.  

Learning to open our hearts to God and God’s place on our spiritual path is one of the messages we are here to learn.  And not just today but every day.  It’s why we live, in fact.  Perhaps you are wondering how to open your heart?  First, pray to have the desire for an open heart. In this next moment, quietly pray.  And wait. You and I are surrounded by teachers, who some refer to as “hovering angels.” They are waiting to show us how to open our hearts.  That’s why they have come into our lives.  

Notice your teachers.  They are in front of you  and behind you where ever you are.  They are the women and men close to you at every gathering, your colleagues at work, the shoppers in the grocery store, even in the cars behind you on every freeway and city street.  Our teachers never, ever fail to appear wherever we are.  We can fail to notice them, however.  And often do.  But in these next few moments let’s quietly meditate about the many ways we can notice our angels, particularly those wearing skin.  Perhaps you want to also envision those who are unseen but ever present too.  They are on assignment.  Never doubt that.  Each one of us will be “on assignment” one day too. 

As we practice living moment by moment with an open, loving heart, we will see the good in others without even trying.  We will feel the peace that is promised when we give up the fight to be right.  We will realize our necessity to the drama that is unfolding around us.  We are always where we need to be every moment.  Every moment.  But when our hearts are closed, we separate ourselves from others, hindering our well being and theirs too,  thus stopping the flow of love that heals.  That heals each of us one act, one thought, one moment at a time.

Let your mind quietly recall the many opportunities you had yesterday or last week, to make a difference in some one else’s life.  Savor those recollections, being grateful for the ones you took advantage of and committing to being more helpful and loving tomorrow.  When our hearts are open, we see our opportunities. Let’s continue to treasure these opportunities.

 And treasure the opportunities that others took to make a difference in your life.  It’s give and take.  Give and take.  One open heart to another open heart.  That’s why we are here.  



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