Shaking the blues. . .

I know I have been here before.  I get here every few months, in fact.  The blues settle in for a spell and then I remember all that I have to be grateful for.  It’s not that I ever really forget but I get lazy and complacent and seem to want something more.  I can’t put a name to what “that more is” however.  Fortunately I know the solution.  And it’s to be present to all the other God-chosen people who are on my path.  I’ve selected them, along with God as my guide.  And they have selected me too, for what we can teach one another.  Our journey has been divinely inspired.  Now I remember.  At last,  I remember.

It’s the work of the ego when I get off track, I think.  The ego prefers that I not be quietly at peace.  It does it’s best work when I am unsure of myself.  Uncertain about the path I am on.  I feel fortunate that the ego  doesn’t hold sway over me all that often.  A moment here and there, for sure; but not for long spells any more.  I have not forgotten the pain of living in a constantly uncertain state, however.  The first few decades of my life were spent there.  I lived in fear about what was on the horizon.  Day after day I lived in dread.  I wasn’t able to even imagine that it could ever be different.  And then God began to show me there was another was to see, to be, to live and I mostly stay where He has taken me.

Helping others to realize their good fortune is one obvious way for me to see my own.  I have been blessed in so many ways.  I have wonderful friends, great relationships with family members and work that makes every day worth getting up for.   My life partner makes me laugh every day and he helps with every situation I have that seems too much for me to handle.  That we share a spiritual journey is the icing on the cake.  We talk the same language and believe the same spiritual principles.  I know he is in my corner every minute and I’m in his too.

Not having to be concerned about the journey we share is truly a blessing, perhaps the biggest one of all.  He and I, along with God, will see our way through every situation that comes to call.  The blues need not be faced alone, not now.  Not ever.  Observing the goodness all around me is all I need to do.



  1. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Your books and meditations have been a life saver for me. They are my daily companions since over a year.

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