Filling the space between Christmas and New Years. . .

I don’t know about you but I feel a bit discombobulated during the holiday week.  I wake up wondering what day it is.  I plug in the indoor lights because I love them but it feels somewhat anticlimactic to do so.  I feel like it’s appropriate to give myself some time “to vacation” from the work that calls to me and yet I am more comfortable in my structured existence.  I seem to go through the motions of living rather than getting down to the nitty-gritty.

Lunches with friends, dinner parties too, give this time a special quality, of course, but I feel like I am simply in a waiting room, knowing some thing else is on the horizon.  Feeling this way makes me realize how crucial it is to pay special attention to every moment as it comes; to every person who passes my way; to every situation that draws my attention.

I must, at times like these, connect wholly and intentionally to what God has sent me in each moment as it comes.  Moments don’t repeat themselves.  They come and they go and if we miss their specific message, we can only hope we will notice it when it comes again in another form.

There is nothing wrong with wiling away the time.  We are not in a race.  But we are being given opportunities every day, every minute and if we want to grow fully into the next phase of our lives, we have to face, straight on, each moment as it presents itself.

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  1. Keep functioning ,splendid job!

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