What I Believe – You and Your Higher Power

A puppy update . . .

Nellie, our puppy, is getting both cuter and into more stuff as the days go by.  I sure wish I had had children.  I feel in the dark about so much of this training.  Everyone keeps saying it’s like having a baby.  Well, never having had a child is a […]

Another twist on success . . .

After writing the last post I was reminded of all the folks I have known in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous who didn’t meet with “success” on their first attempt at sobriety.  And many of them simply got up, brushed themselves off, and tried all over again.  Failure to stay […]

Mastering a new tool is life sustaining.

About a month ago i was scheduled to do a women’s retreat in Mount Pocono, PA.  It was a group I had done retreats for a few other times.  I was looking forward to the experience, as is true of every retreat or workshop experience I contract to do. Leading […]

Reviewing the “old tricks.”

A funk had settled over me.  I wasn’t hopping out of bed with much enthusiasm.  The dread of old had settled in.  Again.  For how long this time, I wondered.  This experience isn’t new.  It’s a common theme for me, actually.  Sometimes it feels like I pay more than an […]

“I am here only to be truly helpful . . .”

This is the first line of a prayer that I say every morning.  And I use this line as a “stand alone” throughout the day when I feel uncertain about the situation I am faced with.  I believe, completely, that each person on the planet is here to be only […]

Every encounter is a Holy encounter.

I love this statement because it leaves no room for hedging your bets.  It’s a truth that simply is.  No one who passes before you does so in a meaningless way.  Each person is a blessing.  Pure and simple.  And we don’t have to believe this for it to be […]

Step Eleven: a pathway to peace.

Step Eleven softens my heart every time it’s the topic of discussion in one of my meetings.  That wasn’t the case when I first got sober however; it wasn’t the case for the first year or two.  Not because I didn’t believe in the possibility of the power of prayer […]

The greatest gifts we can offer one another . . .

My life, by choice, is now more focused on the simple pleasures than was the case while in my fifties and sixties.  Perhaps that’s normal maturity.  The body gets tired.  The mind seeks freedom from worry.  And with age, our relationships generally become less intense; if we are lucky, they […]

75! A Milestone.

Blowing out the candles on a 75th birthday cake nearly took my breath away.  Not because there were so many candles.  Actually, there was only one.  Thank goodness.  It was simply the awareness of my age coupled with the realization that the years were slipping away all too quickly.  Years […]

The Wilson House experience . . .

I mentioned a couple weeks back that I was scheduled to go to VT to facilitate a workshop at the Wilson House.  That’s the Bill Wilson House. And for any of you reading this who are in AA, you can only imagine what a thrill this was for me to […]