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Fear can stop us from all growth. . .

The first three decades of my life, fear dogged me constantly because I was always trying to be what I imagined some one else wanted me to be.  Or the converse; rebelling against the expectations of others.  The love I sought felt conditional so my behavior was always a reaction […]

Opening our hearts to one another. . .

Because of a piece I have been writing for a workshop, I have been thinking about the importance of having an open heart if we want to heal and help others heal too. Only very recently I found myself in a downward spiral emotionally, a spiral not unfamiliar to me. […]

The opportunity to express love or experience fear is always with us.

IF IT ISN’T LOVE, IT’S ALWAYS FEAR. I was first introduced to this idea as I timidly began my spiritual quest in the 1970’s.  This concept, along with so many others woven into the many and varied books I was reading, broadened my perspective on how to experience life and […]

We always hear what we need to hear if. . .

I am so often struck by the timeliness of the messages “I receive” at meetings.  My sponsor has said many times that when I am ready, I will hear the message, or the explicit direction from God,  that I have been prepared for.  I used to doubt her, but not […]

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