Pause. Breathe. Surrender.

Taking that ever important moment to “step aside,” can make a huge difference in how we perceive the people and the circumstances that surround us.  Over none of them do we have control.  But we do have full control over how we perceive every person and every situation.  And that’s a lot of power.  Power that we are both privileged to have and expected to use.

Pausing before formulating a decision regarding how to act in any circumstance rewards us with a quieting mind.  For some of us a quiet mind is scarce.  I have discovered, however, that the more I pause before even thinking, the softer my response will be.  Experiencing a soft thought preceding a soft response feels delicious.  It’s seductive in a good way.  It’s worth practicing often.

Pausing, in and of itself, is a gift, but breathing takes us to a deeper level of peace, a level that will continue to call to us once we have made our intention to breathe.  I have written about the importance of “intention” before.  It’s the quiet action that precedes changing who we are, how we think, and how we interact with loved ones as well as strangers.  Our interactions with everyone are what determines the rest of the day.  Accepting full responsibility for every action and every thought empowers us to choose kindness more often.  Is there a reason for this?  I think so.  I think it feels good to be kind.  It allows us to breathe more easily.  It makes us a blessing to the well being of the individuals who have chosen to be part of our journey.  And I do mean have chosen.  There are no accidental encounters.

Surrendering to the truth of what pausing and breathing nurture in the entire human community, makes the decision to do both, to do all three, in fact, an easy one.  Don’t we all want to contribute to making this a better world?  I have yet to meet any one who wouldn’t want to.  The steps are easy.  Slow down so that we can appreciate what pausing feels like.  Intentionally take a deep breath and then another one.  And quietly tell God, “this one is for you.”  Instantly, how we see and feel will change.  Our experience of the moment will feel fresh and light.  Where there had been confusion, there will be peace and certainty.  I promise.

Pause.  Breathe.  Surrender.   The perfect mantra for the perfect day.



  1. Ditto my previous comment from a few moments ago! Off to the day, today, this new beginning!

  2. Sister Julie LeVeque says:

    I have recently discovered the Women’s Spirituality website. I find it so inspiring and get just what I need every time I open it. Karen Casey’s works have been a part of my recovery since leaving treatment in 1998. Thanks so much.

    • Thanks so much for writing, Julie. Getting messages from people like you is what keeps me at this pursuit.
      Your kindness is very much appreciated.

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