Growth requires that we remain teachable.

I have never fallen away from my 12 step meetings.  In fact, I go to more meetings a week now than I did when I first came into the program.  Because I attend both AA and Al-Anon, I usually get to five meetings a week.  Some might think that at […]

When the unexpected happens. . .

I got an email this morning from one of my frequent blog post readers.  She brought to my attention that my website had disappeared.  How very fortunate that she and I had written to each other directly on occasion which made it possible for her to reach out to me […]

Remaining enthusiastic becomes a choice . . . doesn’t it?

I think enthusiasm for some element in our life is the key to having the desire to get up everyday.  And as the years pass, particularly as we enter what for me has become the final stage of life, I know I must have passion for doing something not attempted […]

Taking stock, measuring up.

Probably everyone reading this post has made a lot of mistakes over the years.  Life isn’t always pretty, at least mine wasn’t.  It’s not expected to be, in fact, but far too many of us never quit blaming ourselves for mistakes of the past.  For some of us every mistake […]

Fall is nipping at my toes. And I don’t just mean the season following summer.

It’s an overused phrase, and perhaps all too simplistic, but the clock is ticking, at a faster pace, every hour it seems.  Does this matter?  Perhaps not to many of you, but I love life so much, every breath of it, and I hate seeing it slip so unstoppably fast […]

Life principles I adhere to . . .

1. Come to appreciate that every person on one’s path is a learning partner. 2. Every argument is about fear. 3. No relationship is accidental.  Be grateful. 4. Make the choice to be peaceful rather than right. 5. When others around you are not kind, they are afraid. Be kind […]

Shortcuts to living the peaceful life . .

I believe the following to be true: 1. The Butterfly effect is evident everywhere, all the time.  It does not need to be seen or even believed for it to make its mark. 2. We are where we need to be and with whom we need to share that space, […]

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The greatest gifts we can offer one another . . .

My life, by choice, is now more focused on the simple pleasures than was the case while in my fifties and sixties.  Perhaps that’s normal maturity.  The body gets tired.  The mind seeks freedom from worry.  And with age, our relationships generally become less intense; if we are lucky, they […]

Make every task you undertake, or person you encounter, your “universe” for the moment.

Rapt attention, as I mentioned in an earlier essay, surpasses in value every other character trait we may possess.  The decision to honor our fellow travelers with devoted attention, in regard to their every word, their loud as well as their quiet behavior, their very presence in our lives regardless […]

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75! A Milestone.

Blowing out the candles on a 75th birthday cake nearly took my breath away.  Not because there were so many candles.  Actually, there was only one.  Thank goodness.  It was simply the awareness of my age coupled with the realization that the years were slipping away all too quickly.  Years […]