Acceptance is the key to peace of mind.

I remember reading a small blue pamphlet titled Acceptance a few months into my recovery from alcoholism. I was struck by its simplicity. And its gentleness. But I was even more impressed with its effect on my mind. After the initial reading of its amazingly loving message, I could pick […]

A virus alert!

I got the proverbial “screaming” virus alert erupting from my computer screen when I tried to go into one of my online accounts Friday afternoon.  “Call this number! Don’t leave this page! Call this number!” And pop ups proliferated. Immediately I turned the computer off, regardless of the admonishments not […]

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Gratitude. Need I Say More!!

I have said in more than one place that I was going to write more blog posts, Facebook messages, and explore other social media during this down time when I am not in the midst of another book. I need the structure of writing and I need the connection to […]

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Time is slipping through my fingers. Once again.

Perhaps it’s simply a sign of old age. Mondays quickly become Fridays. My “to do” list gets longer and longer and fewer things get checked off. And right now, I am actually not as busy as in the months that have recently passed. As of this past Saturday, I have […]

Another birthday has come and gone.

And what a birthday it was. I’m actually proud to share my age with others. I never thought I’d feel so good and be so content at this age. In case you didn’t read it on Facebook, I am now 77 years old. Yikes. When my grandmother was this age, […]

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The joy of recovery . . . and owning a dog.

I am feeling so blessed by this journey I’m on. And all I had to do was be a very sick, codependent alcoholic. Lol. Seriously though, the dark alleys of my life led me to the beautiful moments that now flood my days. And they keep multiplying. I have given […]

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Gopher State in the Twin Cities

This is a big weekend here in the Twin Cities and surrounding states. It’s the 43rd Gopher State Roundup, celebrating recovery from alcoholism and other addictions. Throughout the entire weekend men and women, young and old, gather at the Doubletree Hotel in Bloomington, MN, to listen to AA and Al-Anon […]

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Another return to Minnesota.

I write this post from my study in Prior Lake, MN, our summer residence. It’s with much sadness, each spring, that we say goodbye to all our Florida friends. However, in four short days on the road, we get to say hello to all our friends up here.  We are […]

Let’s open our hearts. Now.

Our journeys through life are often bumpy, some days very bumpy, but they are always in concert with God.  God is every where we are.  God was every where we ever were.  In the silence.  The moments of angst.  The hours of confusion and doubt.  We simply can’t be where […]

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Being attentive to our own lives.

I have found that it’s very easy to deny how “attached” we are to the presence of the others who are journeying with us. It’s surely never wrong to be attentive to the presence of the many others around us. In fact, being attentive, witnessing the lives of others, is […]