Embracing acceptance nullifies any troubling experience.

I was at my AA home group this morning.  The topic was acceptance, a frequent choice, it seems.  And what’s unmistakably true is that it’s a necessary choice if we want to experience peace.  At no time in life will we be peaceful if we haven’t cultivated the practice of acceptance.  The good news is that once acceptance has been thoroughly cultivated, all we ever need to quietly remember is the phrase, “Let go.”  At that point, God, ever so subtly, steps in.  Even sitting here writing this nudges me to drop my shoulders in a sign of acceptance.  Handing over to God what is so easily resolved by Him can become the habit that truly transforms one’s life.

Living in the space of quiet acceptance shifts, completely, the relationship any one of us has with any one else who crosses our path.  I have said in many other posts, and in any number of my books, that whomever we encounter on this leg of our journey, in fact, on any leg of our journey; we have agreed to encounter, prior to being born.  Once I latched on to this idea, I could feel the inner shift into a soft acceptance of absolutely every person, situation, or seeming problem.  How good that continues to feel.  How free from doubt it has made my life.

The still festering inner wound that troubles so many is only as powerful as any one allows it to be.  The choice to move from disappointment, or discouragement, to a place of freedom, is a wise choice, a choice that is felt far and wide.  As a matter of fact, EVERY ONE IS AFFECTED BY EVERY CHOICE ANY ONE OF US MAKES.  Does this seem extreme?  Perhaps.  It’s true, nonetheless.  The connectedness of everyone is a fact.  The promising thing about this idea is that we are never alone.  We are always in the sacred circle of life, even when we feel afraid and lonely.  Others are reaching toward us every minute.  In fact, those very individuals who seem to cause us grief are specifically “assigned to us” as teachers.  Rest assured that we are always meeting who we have been destined to meet.  Always.

Simply surrendering to each situation as it presents itself to us, accepting it as the next hurdle we have been made ready for, changes us in soft, subtle ways, making us whole, peaceful and great stewards of this life we have been blessed to live.  Just say yes to each moment as it comes and experience the peace that indeed passes all understanding.





  1. Your timing is perfect today 😉 I really need this, made me feel more accepting and peaceful just reading;) love and blessings

  2. Thanks, Karen. This is yet another gem from you and one that I needed to “hear.” Acceptance really does take practice, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, patterns deeply ingrained, over the many years, are so powerful. Yet, that is exactly why I/we need to be reminded to “let go” over & over.

    My shoulders dropped too as I read this. Thank you for that!

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