It seems only fair that I share with you what my spiritual perspective is before asking you to share yours. As a child, I was clueless. My parents didn’t adhere to any set of beliefs as far as I could tell. They didn’t discourage the idea of religion. It simply wasn’t discussed. In college, I shunned every thing that smacked of religion. Native American Spirituality appealed to me when I got into graduate school, but it wasn’t until I got into 12 Step recovery that I actually became “a believer.”

One question I am often asked is how do I connect with God. And the answer every time is the same. When I am writing or speaking at a conference or in direct communication with a sponsee or friend at a meeting, or simply paying attention to the people who are crossing my path at the grocery and elsewhere, I know God is present. Something simply moves in and through me when I am being attentive to others in the moment. And I feel transformed. Because of this I am quite certain I will never be done writing or speaking or connecting with each one of you in whatever way I can. So even though we may never meet in person, connecting here is a way we can both feel the presence of God.

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