To shift one’s perception is transformative.

I was first introduced to the idea of shifting my perception in the book: A COURSE IN MIRACLES.  The book had no real author, at least there wasn’t a name on the book’s spine.  One of my husband’s sisters gave the set of books (originally there were 3 books in the set) to us as a gift.  A cursory glance convinced me these books weren’t up my alley.  Joe felt likewise.  So they sat on the book shelf for 4 or 5 years.  Surprisingly, they actually called to me.  Eventually.

And when I picked them up this time, my response was all together different.  I was willing to suspend my disbelief about how the books had been scribed by a woman named Helen Schucman, as she listened to a voice in her mind that said, ever so simply and quietly, “This is a course in miracles.  Please take notes.”  When she shared that exact message, a message she feared would confirm that she was nuts, with her colleague, Bill Thetford, who like her was also a professor of Medical Psychology at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons in NYC, he said do as the voice has asked and bring the notes in to the office tomorrow.

For the next seven years, Helen spent her evenings listening to the voice of Jesus and Bill spent the next morning typing up the notes from Helen’s shorthand.  Their lives were never to be the same.  That, in and of itself, is rather mind-boggling.  But what is even more astounding is how that message has traveled the world.  I firmly believe it struck a chord because the message is finally so simple.  Love one another.  Period.  And when someone isn’t loving, recognize that he or she is afraid and love them any way.

I’ve always been searching for “the easier, softer way,” to live and this is it.  My guess is this is why the message resonated with millions of other people too.  Throughout the world, folks are “listening to Jesus” through the shorthand taken by Helen.  For every serious listener life has gotten easier.  And those individuals who have been touched by the serious students are blessed with easier and softer lives too.  Remember, it takes two to disagree, and if one of the two is a course student, all interactions have now changed.

There are so many good reasons for embracing the core beliefs in A COURSE IN MIRACLES.  But the one that lingers in my mind is the relaxation my body feels when I surrender rather than insisting that my opinion on every issue is correct.  I got that trait “honestly,” as my dad would have said.  I got it from him, as a matter of fact.  And maturity has blessed me with the willingness to “step aside,” rather than add to any one’s chaos.

A COURSE IN MIRACLES is a shortcut to peace of mind.  And not just my peace of mind.  Not just your peace of mind.  But constant peace of mind for the masses.  Who doesn’t want that, pray tell?  I know I do.  And for everyone else who says, “Me too,” the tipping point gets closer.  Knowing that I am adding to that tipping point every time I am kind makes choosing kindness so much easier the next time too.  won’t you join me?

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