Welcome to the new year.  I am so glad you have found me on line.  And although I am cutting back on workshops this calendar year, I will keep this event section updated as I add programs.  I do hope to connect with many of you throughout the year.

I am not planning on any programs in January or February this year.  However, I will be offering programs in March.  As soon as I have the dates and places determined, I will post them here.  Stay tuned.  One will be out east and one here in Naples, FL.  

I also have a program planned for April in the middle of Florida.  The particulars will be posted soon.

In August I will be offering another program at the Dan Anderson Renewal Center in Center City, MN.  The particulars will be posted soon.

In September I will once again do a writers workshop in Augusta, MO.

I still love interacting with all of you in person so you can count on seeing me in a few locations.  And I want you to know that I am continuing to write, of course, and have a new book that should hit the shelves in early fall.  It’s title is Living Long, Living Passionately: 75 and Counting.

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